Video Game Numbers is a website dedicated to statistics and simulations in sports video gaming. The name is derived from the phrase, “They’re putting up video game numbers!”, used to describe feats of athletic prowess so incredible they’d normally only be attainable in a video game. Check out “A New Beginning” on the website for something of a mission statement.

Video Game Numbers is the brainchild of Brian Parker, a member of the EA SPORTS Game Changers program and long-time analyst of statistics in video gaming. Mr. Parker is listed in the credits for EA SPORTS NCAA Football 12 and was also part of the community feedback process for EA SPORTS NCAA Football 13 and EA SPORTS NCAA Football 14. He assisted EA SPORTS with game simulations using EA SPORTS Madden NFL 13 for the entire 2012-13 NFL season, culminating in the correct prediction of the Baltimore Ravens defeating the San Francisco 49ers in Super Bowl XLVII. Mr. Parker has previously worked on video games coverage with a statistical slant on Stat Box Stories, Under the Code, and Good Game Bro.

Unless otherwise attributed, screen captures featured on Video Game Numbers appear courtesy of an agreement with Depth in Gaming (Twitter: @DepthInGaming; Instagram: depthingaming). Depth in Gaming is operated by former EA SPORTS Game Changers program member Kevin Harley and has a mission of “Sharing the beauty and depth of video games!” Unauthorized use of screen captures from Depth in Gaming will be reported.