A New Beginning

Greetings reader, and welcome to Video Game Numbers.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been obsessed with statistics when it comes to sports. Over the last ten years or so, that obsession found purpose with my participation in the EA SPORTS Game Changers program, an experience that continues to this day. Whether analyzing team ratings to identify the toughest conferences in NCAA Football or considering the individual ratings in Madden NFL to find the best fit for a scheme or position, I’ve spent more time in spreadsheets and menu screens that I feel comfortable admitting.

The most established expression of my interest in statistics and storytelling to this point happened with Stat Box Stories, which still maintains the complete archive of Bowl Blitz Invitational posts where myself and other gamers in the community played through all of the bowl games using NCAA Football to compare how closely (or not) those results compared to the real-life games. With Stat Box Stories, the focus was to consider the story that could be told as a result of the statistics in each game.

With Video Game Numbers, the interest in statistics continues but an expansion into simulation provides a new wrinkle and focus to the project. Instead of telling a story in reaction to the experience of playing a video game, more thought and consideration will be given to how the numbers that identify the competency of athletes in the virtual arena are determined. In conjunction with that, the process of re-evaluating those decisions over time will be considered as well. Finally, the application of those statistics and ratings to simulation will be evaluated, establishing not just a record of success (or failure) but an understanding of what influences the simulation results in the first place.

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